Full Range of Polymers

For Commercial & Industrial Applications

RK TRADE is focused on providing high-quality raw material at competitive pricing with unmatched sales services. Our teamwork translates into our trade work, serving clients worldwide, and offering expert consultancy on choosing your ideal raw material, as well as on market news, industry trends, and exhibitions placement.


One of the most commonly used thermoplastics with a number of domestic and industrial applications.


A widely used thermoplastic polymer with low coefficient of friction and impeccable impact resistance.

Cooper cathode

A naturally transparent, and hard, stiff thermoplastic with a range of consumer product applications.


A high-strength thermoplastic used in the construction, healthcare, electronics and automobile sector.


Commonly known as polyester, also abbreviated as PETE is a semi-aromatic polymer with industrial applications.

Diverse Range of Products

A team of industry experts bring you a full-scale range of products including HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), HIPS, GPPS and PVC compounds tailored to meeting worldwide standards.

Competitive Pricing

Whether you are on the hunt for virgin or recycled varieties, RK TRADE is sure to present you with a quote like none other in the market. For competitive pricing and range of production, drop us a line.

Quality Management

We understand just how important a business is to our partners, and thus we maintain a quality standard that promises nothing short of excellence. From quality to dispatching just what you desire, and reliable shipping routes – we do it all.

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